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Your BEYOND home care nurse is considered the “case manager” of your home care. He or she will coordinate the plan of care your doctor has prescribed for you with other home care members of your team to help meet your needs and ensure you get the best care possible.

One of the most important services our BEYOND home health nurse provides is medication reconciliation, which means comparing your medication orders to all of the medications that you have been taking to avoid dosing errors, duplications, omissions or potentially dangerous drug interactions.

The BEYOND nurse is part of BEYOND’s overall team’s responsibility to  evaluate the safety of your living environment and the ability of you and your family to cope with the situation and access emergency help, if needed.

Other nursing services provided include:

  • teaching patients and family members how to monitor vital signs
  • giving prescribed injections
  • administering infusion (IV) medicines
  • monitoring complicated drugs such as anticoagulation medications like Coumadin or     Warfarin
  • providing wound care and teaching the patient/family member how to manage their wound.
  • treating and helping to prevent illnesses

Your BEYOND nurse can also help you with issues such as pain management and will report back to your doctor if you need more help. If you have a chronic condition, your BEYOND nurse can teach you how to self-manage it. Increasing your independence at home is the goal.

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